The hidden meaning of the name "Epidaurus"

Furthermore, the Greek language confirms the hidden meaning of the word Epidaurus. In this sacred name all the letters, used in different combinations, give additional details, concerning the quality of the vibrations of the supreme holy, healing sanctuary of Epidaurus, and that of the activities, which used to take place there.

Through another combination of the same letters
E P I D A U R U S,
reveals that it

In Ancient Greek a u r a  means soul. The utterance of the name of   E P I D A U R U S is the key, that opens up the mystery of the blocked, sick soul.


In Epidaurus the soul becomes E + D I A P Y R U S,
as d I a p y r o s means I n f l a m e d in ancient and modern Greek.
The I n f l a m e d soul attracts the celestial forces,
which are in contact with the mysterious E.
The letter E is Apollos sacred letter and prominently appeared
on the pediment of his temple in Delphi.
Apollo is the father of Asclepius and the Gods Healer.

The aura becomes inflamed = diapyros, as E + pidaurus = E + diapyros acts therapeutically over it. The harmony transcends from the celestial vault to the sick human being through the symbol E, manifesting Apollos benevolent disposition. How is this being performed?

Through the interaction of the Sun - light and life of the Heliocentric System on the pavement of the Tholos, Apollos physical representative - this harmony can be activated, since the entire monument is a miniature of the Celestial Vault, under the auspices of the sun/Apollo.

Two are the main symbols of Apollo:

a. the arc with the arrows, symbol of the light and its seven rays/colors and

b. the seven chord lyre, symbol of the seven sound/notes vibrations, correlated with the seven planets, which have an effect on the human soul and body..

The action deriving from the essence of the symbols was the following:

a. Visual Vibrations flowing from Apollos arc symbol:
The pavement of the Tholos is a visual representation of our Planetary System. The therapeutical action of the pavement is flowing from the center, the sun. Therefore, only the Heliocentric System is the healer of the soul. The Geocentric is obsolete, since it is only an apparent, false phenomenon and this is the reason why it is placed in the exterior of the monument, so as not to interfere with the cure. The accuracy of the celestial vaults details on the pavement is being activated in the monument, when the sick person is being seated on the white stone/sun in the center of the Tholos. As per Dr. Aravantinos suggestion - a friend and collaborator of the archeologist P. Kavvadias - the sick person was brought directly from the labyrinth up to the surface of the Monument, by a secret internal door giving access to the pavement.


For the first time in the history of mankind, the omoiopathetic action was activated. It demonstrates, how the sick soul, when consciously visualizing the pavement, starts vibrating in accordance with the Heliocentric System, represented on the pavement. As a consequence, omoiopathetically, the soul transferred from the micro-pavement to the macro-celestial vault, comes in balanced coordination with the Universal Entitys forces. This process has the strength to bring about healing. The Tholos reveals the secret of such a spiritual, unseen by the common eye, process, but detected by the souls eyes, assisted by Asclepius therapists, direct descendents of Apollo.

b. Sound vibrations symbolized by Apollos lyre:
Simultaneously, sound vibrations of a special utterance in the Greek Language had sealed the building with the names of Epidaurus, Apollo and Asclepius. Their uttered name correlations, produced sound vibrations, which purified the microcosmic human soul, that for the first time, immersed into the macro-cosmic Unity. The sound of the Holy Greek Logos, emitted by the Asclepiades therapists, was channeling the flow of cosmic energy, thus conducting the healing process. We know that specific Odes were used for healing purposes. In Platos dialogue Harmides. Socrates asserts, that it is pointless to take medicine, unless prior to the medicine the specific Ode was sung.

As far as the present time is concerned such healing methods have not yet been discovered. The Tholos, from the distance of the far off 24 centuries, whispers to our deaf ears, that only through the holistic view of the micro-cosmos/human being in harmony with the macro-cosmos/celestial vault/Asclepius/Apollo, a permanent state of health can be obtained. Only when the soul is purified through the celestial vaults visual and sound vibrations, the body embraces the soul and remains healthy.

The Tholos revealed its heliocentric secret, but it has not yet revealed how the secret of the holistic cure can be applied to the sick human soul.

UNUTTERED WORDS - Epidaurus, Tholos Unveiled

(the Greek book has not yet been translated in English)

With the support and application of the Platonic texts, a further documentation of all astronomical data is presented in detail in the book Unuttered Words - Epidaurus, Tholos Unveiled by the author and researcher Altani, publications GEORGIADES, HELLENIC LIBRARY.

The astronomical knowledge of the celestial vault is ascertained through the detailed comparative analysis of todays astronomy with that of the monument.

The knowledge of the Precession of the Equinoxes, though, must have pre-existed many thousands of years ago, since in order to be recorded in the human mind a repetition of this cycle is absolutely necessary, as well as the means to have it recorded in written form.

Nevertheless, It was reproduced on the Tholos pavement with accurate measurements 170 years before Hipparchus birth and his astrolabus and the Heliocentric System 40 years before Aristarchus birth.

In the Unuttered Words the concealed meaning of the Heliocentric System is thoroughly documented and light is shed on the importance of all the sculptural ornaments of the Tholos. Fragments from Platonic dialogues, Heracleitus and the Pythagorian wisdom accompany and explain the visual representation of the monument.

P.F., 27.6.2004


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by ALTANI, Researcher

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