Planetary orbits
Centre of Planetary Systemm, white stone, Sun
1stMercury's orbit 14 striped rhombi+ 14 white rhombi=28  
2ndVenus's orbit 14 striped rhombi+ 14 white rhombi=28  
3rdEarth's orbit 28 striped rhombi+ 28 white rhombi=56  
4thMars's orbit 28 striped rhombi+ 28 white rhombi=56  
5thJupiter's orbit 28 striped rhombi+ 28 white rhombi=56  
6thSaturn's orbit 28 striped rhombi+ 28 white rhombi=56 280
 Orbit of the Moon14 columns+14 intervals=28  
 Precession of the Equinoxes26 columns+26 intervals=52 80

The unit/sun marks the center of our Planetary System and the annual solar cycle. The six planetary orbits are pointed out by the 280 white and gray slab rhombuses. The Doric and Corinthian colonnades are represented by the 80 columns and spaces, totaling the number 360 + 1.

Following what the deep thinker and great philosopher Heracleitus says in the first fragment:

“….divide each part of the whole according to its own nature
and clearly explain the meaning of it….”

His statement led to the pavement division in four parts. The natural characteristics of each part are: firstly the unit/sun, secondly the six planetary orbits, thirdly and fourthly the two colonnades, the Doric and the Corinthian. In this way the function of the four time cycles of the planet earth are accurately portrayed.

The four cycles are:

a. The day and night cycle designated by the 280 white and gray rhombuses (6 planetary orbits).

b. The monthly cycle of the moon’s orbit of the 14 columns and 14 spaces. The full moon is designated by the 14 Corinthian columns on the pavement’s outer black ring.

c. The annual solar cycle designated by the central white stone in conjunction with the total addition of all the elements of the pavement (360 + 1).

d. The precessional period of the 26 thousand years designated by the 26 Doric columns and 26 spaces. This symbolic number is the fourth cycle that traces the clockwise motion of the earth’s pole, designating the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Total number of elements
on external and internal pavement = 360 + 1

The number 360 + 1, which derives from the total number of data, is a complicated combination, which involves both the exterior and interior of the pavement. The significance of the Heliocentric System is pointed out, not only by the unit/sun/white stone, but also from the addition of all the other elements. By adding one day to the 360 days, the new solar year begins, thus announcing the endless perpetuation of the circular movement.

With the above description of the four time cycles, the manifestation of the natural progressive increase - from the small daily and nocturnal cycle to the big cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes – is clearly depicted on the pavement.

It’s not only the fact that the Heliocentric System is recorded in the interior of the monument and the apparent course in the exterior (page ….), but the Precession of the Equinoxes in the exterior with the 26 Doric columns also marks, beyond any doubt, the knowledge of extremely important astronomical facts.

The wisdom of the priesthood of that time is revealed. Whose ingenious mind conceived such a sophisticated combination of mathematical and astronomical observation in such a simple and obvious way? A justifiable query arises: Why is the complete knowledge of the Heliocentric System placed on the floor of the main healing center of Greece and not in an astronomical observatory?

This knowledge doesn’t aim at the exhibition of astronomical wisdom, but, most certainly, has a practical purpose, since the Ancient Greeks were conscious of the Law of Necessity, prime Law of the Universe. This knowledge aims at the inner state of identification and simultaneous common function of the micro/man and the macro/cosmos. The pavement of the Tholos points out, that through the comparative analogy of vibrations between the great Planetary System and the small human being, the permanent cure of souls and bodies can be achieved.

Even more substantially, it is very likely that the Heliocentric System has to do with the contact of man with the cosmic mind, as the latter is manifested through the four cycles of our planetary system in the ecliptic zone, in which the planets exist and move.

The coordinated movement of the soul with the Supreme Wisdom of the Tholos will re-establish the proper healing to the suffering humanity and will improve the medical science through the holistic view, not only of man in all his physical and psychological functions, but of man in harmony with the “cosmos”.

When the Tholos reveals what was actually taking place between the Heliocentric System and the human being, it will hopefully bring healing to the suffering humanity. Perhaps that time is not far away….

by ALTANI, Researcher

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